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Welcome to Sperber Investments


Sperber Investments manages affiliated real estate investment companies specializing in the acquisition, leasing, and disposition of, primarily, business and industrial buildings, industrial parks, warehouses, and distribution facilities. Sperber Investments would consider the right retail building, office building, multifamily apartment complex, or hotel. Sperber Investments' philosophy is to buy based on financials, not appearance, meaning those buildings that do not come with a vanity or ego premium. Sperber Investments looks for fiscally sound investment decisions.

Currently, Sperber Investments manages Sperber Investments I, LLC. Sperber Investments has helped Sperber Investments I, LLC raise capital, acquire, finance, lease and manage its real estate projects. Sperber Investments' strategy is to locate industrial real estate located along high-traffic commercial corridors near areas of commercial and residential density. Sperber Investments President, Todd Sperber, believes that these types of properties, when leased to national or regional retailers generally pursuant to triple-net leases, provide attractive opportunities for a stable current return and the potential for increased current returns and capital appreciation.

If you are a prospective investor, the information on this website must be read with the Private Offering Memorandum in order to fully understand all of the implications and risks of the offering of securities to which it relates. You cannot have access to this site unless you are a current investor in a Sperber Investments company or you have come to this website after Sperber Investments has ensured you are an accredited investor.

For more information about Sperber Investments, you may contact:
Todd Sperber at (916) 359-2002, or